Thursday, July 23, 2009

Water Polo Winner!

With football season just around the corner I've decided to resume my Team 4 Life postings a bit more regularly. Plus, I want to get this 2008-09 contest done before all of the associated athletes are dispersed among us working folk and can't really appreciate their accomplishments as the official Team 4 Life Best Looking SJSU athletes.

So, the results from the Water Polo team (that's right, we have a Water Polo team) are as follows:

#1 - Kelsi Okuda (3 votes)

#2 - Natalie Jennings (2 votes)

#3 (t) - Juliet Moss(l) and Katie Buzzetta(r) (1 vote each)

With the win Kelsi Okude will move to the 2008-09 finals, joining the six student-athletes that are already there. They include Shanelle Furner (Soccer), Aumornai Edinburgh (Basketball), Sarah McAtee (Volleyball), Victoria Smith (Cross Country), Shraddhanjali Singh (Golf), and Shanice Howard (Gymnastics). The sports that remain to be determined are softball (next up), swimming and diving, and tennis. Ensure you are checking out the right hand column and voting on your favorite player from the 2009 softball team.