Monday, August 10, 2009

Diver or swimmer?

And the winner is. . .

Jo Thibodaux! The 5'9" diver from Alvin, TX took the title of SJSU's most awesome outwardly beautiful swimmer/diver. Thibodaux tallied 4 total votes, which easily gained her the title over Heather Denman (below top left - 0 votes), Erin Garcia (below top right - 1 vote), Ally Jack (below bottom left - 2 votes) and Jessica Holden (below bottom right - 2 votes).

With the win Thibodaux joins an elite group of SJSU athletes who will be competing for the title of 2008-09 best looking SJSU athlete in the coming weeks. The final participant in the hunt for the title will be determined by next Monday in the final poll that is available today. After the voting is complete for the tennis team, we will dive into the final matchups before crowning the champion.

Also, with football practice starting today, don't forget to begin checking back a bit more often to see updates for the Spartan football team as they begin their quest for the 2009-10 WAC title (well, at least maybe we can beat LA Tech this year).

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