Sunday, November 8, 2009

Winner, winner chicken dinner!

I know the tension has been building since I haven't posted in over a month (okay, maybe not, since you can easily see the results of the tournament in the poll on the right of the screen, but whatever).  Anyway, the winner of the SJSU female athlete of the year (according to those shallow few people who visit this blog and vote for who they think is pretty) is. . .

The one and only Kelsi Okuda.  Congratulations to the crew (or friend or cousin or brother or sister or stalker) who launched the campaign to get Kelsi the title!!!  If you have a second to drop a comment, please let us know who you are.  We at SJSU Spartans 4 Life admire your tenacity and are honored that you visit (even if it is you Boner).

And that ends the almost year long competition, and quest to determine the champion.  Congratulations to all of the contestants, and thank you to all of the loyal followers who have been logging on to vote for your favorite athletes.

Now it will be on to more relevant (to some) topics.  Beginning with the football team, who has a Sunday night game on TV tonight, but who have had their struggles so far this year!


  1. Spartan for Life? For LIFE??? You must have died....

  2. That shanelle girl is by far the hottest out of them all.

  3. SJSU = poor taste in girlsJuly 10, 2011 at 8:37 PM

    poor taste again! she is fugly! it is a pool on popularity not looks. She is not even close to Victoria who is in turn also far from bring the best! and don't let me start on Shanelle with the big flat lips!