Thursday, March 12, 2009

In Progress

Okay, just a quick update on the WAC tournament. Right now SJSU is hanging in there against Nevada. We're down 9 (60-51) with 7:02 left in the game. Need to go on a run, but there's still a chance. I'll get the bracket up here shortly. There have already been some surprise teams punching their ticket to the Big Dance and let's hope that in seven minutes the Spartans are a step closer. Below is the link to the WAC tournament brackets (men and women):

On the women's side, there would be no surprise ending to a sub par season. Hawaii walked all over the Lady Spartans in a WAC tournament play in game and ended up trouncing the Spartans 70-57 to mercifully bring their 2-28 season to an end.

I was hoping while I wrote this that the Spartan men would have inched closer, however, they are now down 55-68 with 3:24 left and it isn't looking promising. I'll update this post when the game is done.

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