Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tournament Time

While most college fans are eagerly anticipating the start of the NCAA tournament on Thursday, the Spartan men's and women's basketball teams have been busy preparing for a little tourney of their own. After both teams had abrupt exits from their conference tournaments last week they've been slowly re-acclimating themselves with "real" college life. While some teams celebrated St. Patrick's Day with round 1 games in the NIT and CBI, the Spartan Men and Women's basketball teams decided to spend their "Irish" day in a much more college oriented fashion. It was a noon kegger followed by their annual post season beer pong tournament (Spartan Men vs. the Lady Spartans). They may have missed the Dance, but who's the real winner?!?!

As you can see from the photo above, the Lady Spartans put up a valiant effort, but in the end the men's team prevailed when partners Tim Pierce and Robert Owens dominated the ladies team of Christina Calcagno and Sayja Sumler in the championship game, ultimately leading to Christina and Sayja having to slam 3.5 glasses of beer each. The men's win marks the third year in a row that the men's team has defeated the women (guys, guys, guys, guys!!!). In an interview after the championship game, an inebriated Calcagno told us that the lady Spartans have been preoccupied the past few days tracking the results of "the best looking Lady Spartan basketball player" poll and therefore hadn't been training as hard for the tournament as they should have. Oh well, is there really a loser in a beer pong tournament? I didn't think so. Congratulations to both teams on a successful St. Patrick's Day!

In other news, the San Jose State baseball team is back to their winning ways. The Spartans began the year with 9 straight wins and climbed to the #25 national ranking, but dropped three games last week to drop to 9-3 heading into the weekend. With a good weekend and a good start to the week, the team is now on a 3 game win streak and have improved their record to 12-3.

Disclaimer: Any names included in this post are completely fictional and if they happen to be the exact same as someone who actually plays for the San Jose State basketball team(s) it was not done intentionally and does not in anyway implicate any particular individuals


  1. Beer pong actually takes some talent compared to playing in any basketball tourney, so you should be very proud of your Spartans!

  2. Where can I get a shirt like this?