Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Steroid Spot

After the impressive weekend, the Spartan baseball team has cracked the top 25 in the D1 national rankings. In the poll that was released on Monday, the Spartans are ranked in the "steroid" spot, good ol' #25. Why is it called the steroid spot you ask?

There is your answer. Let's hope the ranking doesn't give them a big head. (Okay, that was lame, but in honor of my Dad, who would never be shamed by a joke so dumb, I had to do it.)

This week will be a great test for the Spartans as San Francisco and newly #15 ranked Cal Poly come come to town on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively.


  1. i thought the joke was awsome!! But also think the fish in a tank joke might be the best one ever.

  2. Both Bonds and McGuire haven't been found guilty of taking steroids. They are innocent until found guilty. What movie is this from, "you can gain 30 pounds of muscle if you work really hard."?

  3. I think you have a lot of time on your hands mister Spartan 4 Life fan!

  4. I love the steroid joke. But Barry did nothing wrong-it's normal for someone's head to double in size when they're in their 40's-remember it happened to Ken Griffey Jr in the Simpsons.